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Een Nederlandse startpagina voor bordspellen
Veel informatie over bordspellen en aanverwant zaken.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks Features Web Tycoon

Forum waar je alle vragen omtrent bordspellen kan stellen. Dus zit je ergens mee...

Opinions Boardgame - the game you play to have
Opinions - the game you play to have your say. Official site with load of links, reviews - everyone has an opinion. You can order the game, find.

C3I Magazine (USA)
Command Magazine (USA)
Counter Magazine (USA)
Critical Hit (USA)
Dragon Magazine
Europa Magazine (USA)

Published monthly in the UK, GAMES GAMES GAMES Magazine contains covers all kinds of boardgames with reviews, news, articles, reports and a buyer's guide.

Ludopress, Wargaming magazine (Spaanstalig)
Ludopress is best know for the Spanish wargaming magazine with a game in each issue, ALEA. Similar to the French magazine VAE VICTIS except that the counters are mounted and die-cut (except issues 21, 22, 23, 24, and 26). Most games are medium complexity wargames. BAILEN, ALEA SPECIAL, #16, and #23 use Ludopress" "Shadow of the Eagle" Napoleonic rules. GUADALAJARA, EXTREMADURA, and BIZKAYA Use a common set of Spanish Civil War rules. A few issues have "lite" wargames (expansion cards for RISE OF THE LUFTWAFFE, expansion for CIVILIZATION, etc). Many have one or more ASL scenarios.

Paper Wars Magazine
Pyramid Magazine
Shred magazine
Spel! (Ducosim)
Strategy & Tactics Magazine

VAE VICTIS (Franstalig)
This magazine is loaded with wargame articles and reviews, usually has at least one ASL Scenario and, of course, has a wargame in each issue. The games are consistently good and the counters the best-looking in all of wargaming. But the magazine is in French and the gorgeous counters have
to be mounted and cutout. The ASL Scenarios don't need translations and game rule translations can usually be found on the Grognard site within a month or two of publication.

View From The Trenches

Nederlandse Pokemon

Roll Playing Games
Rol Playing Games

Hippodice Spieleclub e.V.
Een spelvereniging met spelontwerp wedstrijden.

So you've invented a board game. Now what?
Advice for board game inventors ... Game Inventor's Guide I've invented a board game - now what do I do? An article by William Maclean, the creator...

Het laatste nieuws en speltips voor spel ontwerpers.

Spiele Autoren Zunft
Duitse website voor spel autheurs.

En de rest
Thomas Fackler Spiele sui generis
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